Computer Science Technical ReportsComputer Science Technical Reports This is a collection of technical reports from the Cornell's Computer Science (CS) Department from the time period of 1968-2002. These reports are part of the NCSTRL collection of Computer Science Technical Reports.

Recent Submissions(2017-07-07)The software defined networking language NetKAT is able to verify many useful properties of networks automatically via a PSPACE decision procedure for program equality School of Information Sciences. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE. (Information Systems). Project Report. MEASURING IMAGE QUALITY images, as well as the kind of image data they will be storing. measure the quality of an image stored in a wide variety of these file formats and how they can..

However, for its probabilistic extension ProbNetKAT, . (2017-01)Enforcing the confidentiality and integrity of information is critical in distributed applications. Production systems typically use some form of authorization mechanism to protect information, but these mechanisms do .

(2017-01-29)Hardware-based mechanisms for software isolation are becoming increasingly popular, but implementing these mechanisms correctly has proved difficult, undermining the root of security.

(2016)Let E be a set of inequalities between finite -terms. Let V and V r denote the varieties of all -continuous ordered -algebras and regular ordered -algebras satisfying E, respectively.