Significant PhD milestones include completion of a qualifying("B") exam, formation of an advisory committee, completion of anadvanced research ("A") exam, completion and defense of adissertation proposal, and final dissertation defense. Departmentdegree requirements (which are in addition to the degreerequirements specified by the UBGraduate School and the Schoolof Engineering and Applied Sciences) are as follows:Course and Credit Hour RequirementsThe PhD program requires a minimum of 72 credit hours.

Generally, coursework is completed in 2 to 3 years.

Coursesshould be selected by the student with the approval of theiradvisor (or the graduate director for first year students) and varybased on the primary research interests of the student (operationsresearch, human factors, or production systems/manufacturing), andstudent research interests Requirements for all Management and Engineering for Manufacturing students, both through the School of Business and through the School of Engineering, are the same. Students must These courses provide opportunities to write professional reports with appropriate feedback and criticism from two faculty members..

Students should insure they take anappropriate set of courses to prepare for the B-exam in one ofthree areas. A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 24 credit hours of dissertationresearch are required.

The variable credit dissertation existsto allow students flexibility to take additional content courses. It does not impact the expectations for the scope and effort of thedissertation. A maximum of 36 credit hours from a Master's degree(s) may beapplied toward the 72 credit hour requirement for the PhD degree.

Of these, no more than six credit hours may be derived from amaster’s thesis.

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However,students are still responsible for course content in those coursesincluded on the PhD core examination (the B-exam).

Please see theGraduate Director or your academic advisor to discuss transfercourses Opportunities are also available to improve your oral and written communication skills in the workplace and help you become an effective team member. The bachelor's degree program in industrial engineering technology consists of two years of general education coursework in writing, math, physical science and .

B-ExamThis examination tests the candidate’s ability in the corecourses and selected elective courses. It is required for formalacceptance into PhD candidacy, and is taken at the end of the firstyear of study (in May). The B-exam consists of 5 questions focused on operationsresearch, production systems/manufacturing, or humanfactors.

Exam questions are set and graded by the faculty memberwho most recently offered the course.

The department facultydetermine a pass/fail/undecided grade for each student 6 Feb 2017 - Students may choose to pursue the M.S. or M.E. degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering online via the UF EDGETM (Electronic Delivery of Graduate Engineering) program. Curriculum for the master of science degree in industrial and systems engineering offered through UF-EDGETM is non-thesis, .

Students inthe undecided category are offered an oral exam (either overall, orfocusing on specific courses) and a subsequent pass/fail decisionis made based on their performance. Students who fail the exam haveone opportunity to retake the exam, in August. Advisor and PhD CommitteeAfter passing the B-exam, students should select an advisorbased on their research interests.

The student-advisor match is oneof mutual choice: both the student, and the faculty member, mustagree 23 Feb 2016 - Many universities offer business classes parallel to IE coursework, in areas such as logistics, supply chain management and analytics. What I mean is that industrial engineering is more focused on processes and finding ways to improve processes. Don't get me wrong. This by no way means you won't or .

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The core committee members must be part of the UBGraduate Faculty. Additional committee members beyond three arepossible and can be from outside of the University.

It is possibleto change committee members and advisors during the program. Pleaseconsult the Graduate Director for guidance. Advanced Examination (A-Exam)The A-exam is scheduled sometime after the majority of coursework is completed and the student has selected a dissertation topic(generally before the end of the 3 year).

Content is based on thestudent’s dissertation topic to gauge the student’scapability for research in the chosen area.

There is a writtenexamination followed by an oral examination Students admitted to the MS IE program who choose an all course option may select from a variety of broad courses in Industrial Engineering, while students by the UB Graduate School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, specific program and degree requirements for MS/ME students are as follows: .

The questions, timing,and format of the exam are determined by the advisor and committeebut typically students have 2 to 3 weeks to complete the writtenportion of the exam. Students can pass, provisionally pass (withrequirements for revisions, completion of additional coursework, orother measures set by the committee) or be asked to retake the examat a later date (only one retake is allowed).

Application to CandidacyStudents should to complete their Application to Candidacy assoon as possible after forming a committee and completing a planfor finishing coursework and their dissertation. Students shouldseek assistance from the academic coordinator with this form andadditional paperwork required.

Dissertation Proposal and Proposal DefenseStudents should work closely with their advisor and committee towrite a formal dissertation proposal prior to beginning researchwhich the student intends to serve as the dissertation work Put your creative talents to practical use with a college degree in industrial engineering. These design and manufacturing whizzes come Courses typically include core engineering classes available to all disciplines in addition to specialized industrial engineering classes. Browse bachelor's degree programs in industrial .

Theproposal is presented to the committee and defended in through oralexamination to determine preparedness and significance of theproposed topic and to insure agreement among the student andcommittee members regarding the plan of the ultimate dissertationresearch.

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Students must notifythe academic coordinator a minimum of two weeks prior to schedulethe defense and provide an abstract and title. For Master of Science and Master of Engineering Students The MS IE and ME degrees provide advanced study beyond thebaccalaureate degree for those with initial degrees in IE as wellas for those from other disciplines who wish to enter the field.

Students admitted to the MS IE program who choose an all courseoption may select from a variety of broad courses in IndustrialEngineering, while students who wish to pursue independent researchdo so in the areas of human factors, operations research, orproduction systems/manufacturing (see descriptionsbelow). Course and Credit Hour RequirementsThe MS and ME program require a minimum of 30 credithours. Generally, coursework is completed in 1 to 2 years.

 Coursesshould be selected by the student with the approval of theiradvisor (or the graduate director ) and vary based on the primaryinterests of the student (general IE, operations research, humanfactors, or production systems/manufacturing) Students who have chosen the Industrial Engineering curriculum will satisfy the Baccalaureate Writing Requirement by successfully completing IME 4910 Multidisciplinary Senior Proposal (2 hrs.) A grade point average of 2.0 or better must be earned in courses presented for graduation with ECE, IME, and ME prefixes..

A maximum of 6 MS thesis hours or 6 credits of ME project may beapplied to the degree. Students must have the approval of anadvisor to register for and conduct an MS thesis.

Culminating ExperienceThe MS program may be completed in one of two ways:By a formal research thesis representing 3 or 6 credits,satisfactory performance in an oral defense of thesis examination,and completion of 24 or 27 credits of nonthesis course work. By passing a written comprehensive examination (C-exam) basedon a degree program consisting of at least 30 hours of coursework. The ME degree is completed through the ME project.